We are Rach and Erin, two friends, who after having been in one another's lives for over 30 years decided that it might be fun to pool our creative minds and open a shop together. The shops name is made up of our middle names which we thought was rather fitting. 

Georgie & Flo is a collection of lovingly curated things, focusing on principles that are really important to us. We select handmade, ethical and beautiful products that not only do we love but feel are offering something unique and special for our customers. Most of our products are made in the UK, quite a few are local and if not they will always come from ethical sources. Because of the way we have chosen our suppliers we work closely with predominantly small, independent makers which makes for great relationships and collaborations. 

Here at Georgie & Flo we are passionate about giving our lovely customers a great shopping experience. We are always open to questions, feedback and generally love a good natter! 

At the moment we don't sell online but we are more than happy to post things out to you if you see anything that takes your fancy, we are just a phone call away!